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Embedding MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint with Edraw Office Viewer Component

Enable or Disable Right-Click Context Menus in Word and Excel

Have you ever want the context menus in Microsoft Office just completely disappear? Edraw Office Viewer Component can easily enable or disable right click context menus in MS Word and Excel.

There are two methods to solve the issue in the component.

1. You can add DisableStandardCommand method in the WindowBeforeRightClick event. It will prevent the MS word and MS Excel to pop up the right click context menus.

function OA_WindowBeforeRightClick()
document.OA1.DisableStandardCommand(8, true);//
cmdTypeRightClick = 0x00000008,
<script language="javascript" for="OA1" event="WindowBeforeRightClick()">


enum CommandType{

cmdTypeSave = 0x00000001,

cmdTypeClose = 0x00000002,

cmdTypePrint = 0x00000004,             

cmdTypeRightClick = 0x00000008,

cmdTypeDoubleClick = 0x00000010,

cmdTypeIESecurityReminder = 0x00000020,



2. Or you can call the DisableViewRightClickMenu method to remove the view right click menu directly. Use the method in the DocumentOpened event.

function OA_DocumentOpened()
<script language="javascript" for="OA1" event="DocumentOpened()">

Hide or Disable the MS Word Pop up menu While Right Click on the Active Document.

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